The Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers have been very busy in recent years. In fact, we’ve been busy ever since we first started helping Sutton’s wildlife in 1987. Why not join us as a volunteer to be a part of something special?

From planting trees and plants to restoring ponds, from creating wildlife meadows with the help of heavy horses and even rescuing discarded pet bearded dragons, we’ve been changing Sutton for the better. Best of all, we can actually see it’s making a difference, creating a habitat that’s truly welcoming to wildlife. In 2018 Sutton enjoyed its first sightings of a Ploughman’s-spikenard and a Dark Green Fritillary. Rare wild birds are returning to Sutton – at long last!

Timeline of Achievements 2017-18

  • 6/9/18 – Heavy horses ploughing Sutton Common.
  • 23/8/18 – Sheep grazing at the Queen Mary’s Woodland glade, previously dominated by cherry laurel.
  • 22/6/18 – Being accepted as a nominee local charity in the Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme.
  • 19/6/18 – 1st recorded sighting of a dark green fritillary on Cuddington Meadows.
  • 6/6/18 – Raised pond restoration at Sutton Ecology Centre.
  • 22/5/18 – Plug planting at The Warren and Belmont Pastures.
  • 20/5/18 – Community plug planting day at Roundshaw Woods.
  • 15/5/18 – Plug planting and heavy horse ploughing at Sutton Common.
  • 19/4/18 – Installation of the Queen Mary’s Woodland ‘welcome’ totem and signpost.
  • 15/4/18 – Tree whip planting at Queen Mary’s Woodland, with local volunteers joining in.
  • 12/4/18 – Tree whip planting at Beddington Park (with local volunteers).
  • 18/3/18 – Great British Spring Clean at Wandle Valley Wetlands, with local residents joining in.
  • 19/3/18 – Raised pond restoration at Sutton Ecology Centre.
  • 18/1/18 – Tree whip planting for future hedgeline laying at Queen Mary’s Woodland.
  • 10/11/17 – Beeches installed around the Queen Mary’s Woodland looping path.
  • 17/10/17 – Scarification to The Warren.
  • 23/9/17 – Rescue of a discarded pet (a bearded dragon) at Carew Manor Wetlands.
  • 29/8/17 – Cattle set out to graze at Cuddington Meadows for the first time.
  • 24/8/17 – 1st recorded appearance of a Ploughman’s-spikenard in the Borough of Sutton.

Before/after pics coming soon – watch this space!